Electronic Toll Collection
• No need to stop vehicle.
• Detect vehicle into tolling gate.
• Take photo vehicle.
• Plate number recognition.
• Tolling.
• Auditing, monitoring.
• RFID technical.
Task management
• Simple interface that makes it easy to create task & make assignment.
• Summary information that helps to track the progress easier.
Data Collection
• Easily create form for data collection and attach to the task.
• Simple form for various data input such as: text, numeric, image
• Work offline & sync when online that is very useful at the bad internet location.
Collaboration & Share

• Make assignment and track progress.
• Comment on a task or the data input for quickly communicating.

• Real-time notification if any change such as task assigned, edited, data input, comment…

• Easily review data and export reports from anywhere, anytime.
Geographic information management
• Find and view the information of irrigation objects on the map.
• Monitor the state (level, salinity) of gated water on the map.
• Tracking the location of data collected by staffs.
Remote control & automation
• Control gates and valves remotely
• Configure parameters for automating open or close of gates and valves.